Bryan Criminal Defense Attorney

If you need advice about the best ways to approach and resolve serious criminal charges in the Brazos Valley, contact the Law Office of Lane D. Thibodeaux in Bryan. We offer free consultations and we work to protect our clients from the risks presented by the current case, but also from the long-range personal, professional or family issues that can arise from a criminal conviction.

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For a Texas A&M student, that could mean negotiating a drug charge to a plea that won't interfere with your access to student loans or future academic opportunities. For a commercial truck driver, we'll approach your DWI defense with a focus on protecting your CDL. For a foreign national here on a work visa, we'll take your immigration status into account while developing your defense to domestic violence or sex crime charges.

When a favorable outcome can't be arranged through negotiation with the prosecution, Lane Thibodeaux's trial experience can give you an advantage if your case needs to go to a jury. Mr. Thibodeaux is a certified specialist in criminal law under standards established by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has advised people in the Brazos Valley about their criminal defense options throughout his 25-year career.

Lane Thibodeaux's practice is characterized by attention to detail, thorough preparation, honest advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and close communication with his clients. Keep in mind that practically everyone accused of a crime needs to decide whether to accept a plea offer or take the case to trial.

Your Lawyer Should Be a Dependable Counselor and a Strong Advocate

As your counselor, Mr. Thibodeaux gives you the information you need to make sound decisions for yourself. As your advocate, he applies the full weight of his experience to your advantage at every stage of the case from the initial charges to trial, sentencing or appeal.

To learn more about his approach to client service in Texas criminal defense, contact the Law Office of Lane D. Thibodeaux in Bryan for a free consultation.