Texas Cocaine Lawyer

Defense Strategies for Texas Cocaine Charges

Under Texas drug possession laws, the penalty for possession of crack cocaine in Texas is serious. You need an experienced, Board Certified criminal defense lawyer to start your aggressive defense right away!

Texas doesn't take possession of cocaine, or distribution of cocaine lightly. Even a gram of crack cocaine in your possession at the time of arrest can result in felony charges. The cocaine possession penalties and jail time will depend upon the amount of possession. As an example, conviction for less than one gram of cocaine may be punishable by up to two years in a state jail facility and/or by a fine not to exceed 10,000 dollars. Any or all of the state jail time and/or fines may be probated, in an eligible case, for up to five years. An experienced Texas attorney familiar with drug violations criminal defense may be critical to avoiding jail time for possession of cocaine.

Attorney Lane Thibodeaux of the criminal defense Law Office of Lane D. Thibodeaux is a Texas Board Certified attorney who uses aggressive, proven defense strategies to dismiss or reduce cocaine possession charges. If you have been charged with cocaine possession or distribution, contact the Law Office of Lane D. Thibodeaux immediately. You need serious legal representation to handle the charges against you. In the event the charge cannot be dismissed or reduced, we fight for deferred adjudication probation, which means that the conviction will not be applied if you successfully complete your probationary period. A serious drug conviction like cocaine possession or distribution on your record can seriously affect you for many years.

If you have been charged with cocaine possession, or are the parent of a college-aged student charged with a cocaine-related crime, contact the criminal defense attorney's office of Lane D. Thibodeaux today.